Hello, we are Designers-i

Established in 2006 and with over 25 years of brand design experience

How do you choose a Designer for your Business?

A Creative Edge

Creativity is key, so you need a designer who understands and appreciates the remarkable power of typography, colour and shape, pattern and layout, someone who makes visual images sing. All that goes without saying. But a good working relationship and design excellence depends on much more than creativity alone.

Business-savvy supports the best design

It’s vital to find a designer well versed in how business works, everything from large blue chip brands to SMEs and new start-ups, from top to bottom. We have more than two decades’ experience working with organisations in a wide spread of sectors.

Experience matters

The last thing you need is an inexperienced designer. You need an experienced graphic designer who knows how to combine business nous with gorgeous imagery to create something your customers and prospects will love, and respond to in the right way.

Saying it like it is

You need someone brave enough to give you an honest opinion, too. We won’t pull wool over your eyes or tell you something is brilliant when we know it won’t work, just to keep you happy. We’ll tell it like it is. And our customers really do appreciate it.

Someone you like and trust

A good business relationship is essential. But what does that mean? We believe it’s important to build courteous, respectful long term business partnerships rather than a ‘design and run’ approach!

Our client feedback is consistent. The people we work with say we’re patient, and we never blind them with science or jargon

We won’t do a thing until we have a really good understanding of your business, exactly what makes you tick and exactly where you want to be

As a result of all this our design work is much more than beautiful. It comes with genuine commercial power built in, designed to have a big impact on your audience.

Expect beautiful, original design, top service and great support. Plus all the expertise and knowledge you could probably need to do the best job for your unique circumstances. Lets talk – here’s our contact page